Rethinking criticism management and how to make it easier for readers to understand what's disputed in a given story.
Hey folks. Some personal news, as they say. Flash back to Christmas. I was in Milan, working on an update to my Elon Emeralds story and a sequel to my…
A complicated story with a simple moral: always hear both sides before judging.
The problem isn't just egregiously wrong headlines: it's a basic indifference to responsibly presenting crime narratives.
Yesterday's deal didn't actually change anything. Let's dive into what's really going on, in an outsider-friendly way.
Revelations, open questions, and the dangers of premature conclusions. Also thoughts on how the NYT treated vulnerable kids who trusted them.
Some notes on full-picture taxation, and a general plea for saner coverage.
Did soccer demigod Cristiano Ronaldo really bend Coke's stock price like one of his infamous free kicks?
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