Subscriber Note (Dec 3rd, 2020)

Hey Folks —

Just a few housekeeping notes:

  1. This newsletter went mostly dark over autumn. A full explanation would be lengthy and mundane, but the upshot is that I rolled everyone’s subscriptions forward by three months back in October to compensate. Monthly subs still won’t see another bill until January, and annuals will renew three months later now. (As anyone would like either a refund or a longer extension, please just ask!)

  2. As a reader expectation thing, posts will continue to be a bit sporadic. While I have a few monsters slowly wending through due diligence, it’s proving difficult to know when any given piece will see the light. Some weeks I may publish multiple deep dives that each represent dozens of hours of research and fact-checking. Some weeks I’ll send out nothing at all. While this remains an important project to me, I don’t want anyone to feel like they got a bad deal! The only people who should be sending me money are those who can trivially afford it, who care a lot about the mission, and who are ok with an irregular schedule. Please don’t feel bad about cancelling if that’s not you.

  3. As promised, I’ve donated 100% of revenue from the first two-ish months to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund in support of Black equality. Thanks for making that possible. (I’ll continue to sponsor new charities in some rotation, obviously with a more sustainable % of revenue. Open to suggestions there.)

  4. Some readers passed on feedback about the two VCBrags posts, suggesting they weren’t very relevant to the newsletter’s mission. I addressed that a bit at the end of the second one, but basically I agree. Future posts will be more explicitly relevant. (And please do keep feedback coming, positive and negative!)

  5. New branding up top was commissioned from the uber-talented Daniela Meyer. I’m biased, but she’s always a delight to work with. Don’t be shy about reaching out to her if you have visual work that needs doing (including illustrations).

You’re all lovely,